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86400 Moments in a day

January 8, 2020

We each have 86400 moments in 1 day


What we do in each 86400 moments 


is the difference between us


Some spend most of their moments by complaining 


Some spend most of their moments by envying, comparing 


Some spend most of their moments by working


Some spend most of their moments by thinking


Some spend most of their moments with surrender, acceptance and non-resistance


We think it is better to be CEO of a big company instead of being a salesperson in a small store


But what it really matters is those 86400 moments and what we do with it


If you hate your job and if you can't afford the life style you want to have


Would it help envying others ?


Would it help crying, cursing, feeling low


Would it help feeling superior because you have something good?


Would it help feeling inferior because you lack something good?


No it would not help


The only thing that would help is to use 86400 moments in a better way.


With non-resistance


with surrender


with gratitude


then only life can open the doors for you


not before


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